SmartEdit for Word Version 5 — Word 2016 and High Res Monitors

Today we released version 5 of SmartEdit for Word. This release includes two major changes, as well as a stylistic change to the UI. We’ve upgraded the software to run within Word 2016, which Microsoft released a couple of months ago, and we’ve made a number of changes to enable SmartEdit to display better on high resolution monitors.

Misused Words List

Within the UI, we’ve changed the SmartEdit buttons that appear on the Word ribbon. This was done to bring the software more into line with Word, making it apear as if it were a part of Word rather than an Add In.

Download SmartEdit for Word Version 5


Do you need to install this version?

Only if you’re running Word 2016, or working on a high res monitor. Otherwise, version 4 (loved by Windows Smart Screen) contains all the same functionality, only without the pretty Office icons.

Note: If you experience any problems installing the latest version, uninstall the previous version using Windows Add / Remove Programs, then re-run the 5.201 installation. Your license details and settings will remain behind when you uninstall.

04 Dec 2015