SmartEdit Change Log — Latest Changes in Latest Versions

The change log below lists all the changes to the licensed version of SmartEdit. You should use this information to monitor any changes to the software, and to decide if you wish to install or upgrade to the most current version. To install the latest version, you should close SmartEdit if it's open, then download the trial version from the Download Page. This will overwrite your current version, and identify any license that is already installed.

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Version 3.43 (Release date: January 13th, 2018)

  1. Fix to a bug that caused SmartEdit to hang when opening documents that contain unusual characters.

( Version 3.43 download )

Version 3.411 (Release date: September 1st, 2014)

  1. Windows 8.1 release. This release addresses a number of issues unique to Windows 8.1.
  2. Reporting improvements: Changes have been made to the HTML, Text, Excel and PDF reports to improve readability and generation speed. Reports in these formats can now be output for extremely large documents (1 million + words), without difficulty. No novel is too long!
  3. XLSX and CSV reports have now been combined into a single Excel report that can be opened by most spreadsheet software, including Microsoft Excel.
  4. For large documents (750+ pages), the HTML, Text and Excel reports are the quickest to generate. PDF documents take longer.
  5. Report files are now opened automatically once the report generation completes.
  6. Repeated Word Settings have been changed to allow for words that occur only once to be output. This allows for a list of all words in a document to be generated (not of much use to fiction writers, but desired by other writers).

( Version 3.411 download )

Version 3.302 (Release date: April 27th, 2014)

  1. A number of improvements have been made to make SmartEdit work better with documents that contain a lot of formatting in MS Word.
  2. Bug fix: In a small number of cases, double clicking on a result failed to highlight the sentence fragment in the word processor. This has been fixed.

SmartEdit was designed to work on plain text, regardless of whatever formatting might exist in your Word document. On occasion, this led to problems between the results lists and the word processor when the document contained non-plain text formatting, such as bullet and numbered lists. This area has been improved, but is still not perfect.

If you encounter any problems with SmartEdit failing to locate a sentence when you click on one of the results lists, please report it to us, preferably with a sample document that contains the problem.

( Version 3.302 download )

Version 3.301 (Release date: November 19th, 2013)

  1. A range of user-defined exclusion lists have been added, accessible from a single dialog on the main toolbar. These lists allow you to fine-tune the SmartEdit checks.
  2. Changes to the Monitored Words dialog.
  3. New toolbar button to automatically add a result to the appropriate exclusion list.
  4. Changes to the Preferences Dialog to allow each exclusion list to be switched off or on.
  5. Minor bug fixes.
  6. Free to all licensed users.

An important release, as it allows users to train SmartEdit to ignore certain results, making the output of each successive SmartEdit check more relevant to the individual writer's needs. The more time you invest in excluding results that are not applicable to you, the better SmartEdit becomes at identifying real problems with your writing.

( Version 3.301 download )

Version 3.211 (Release date: October 30th, 2013)

  1. Correction to fix problems with the automatic backup feature.
  2. Minor release, free to all licensed users.

( Version 3.211 download )

Version 3.201 (Release date: September 18th, 2013)

  1. Changes to the Adverbs list to make it easier to use.
  2. Minor release, free to all licensed users.
  3. No changes to SmartEdit Lite

( Version 3.201 download )

Version 3.101 (Release date: August 29th, 2013)

  1. Minor release, but contains key new functionality -- free to all licensed users
  2. New "Export Reports & Print Reports" toolbar
  3. Export results of all checks to Excel (XLSX), CSV, Text (TXT), PDF or HTML
  4. Export results of individual checks in the same formats
  5. Print results of single checks or of all checks
  6. 10 Day Trial reset for all trial users

This is an important release, as it removes the need for users to edit their work within SmartEdit. Many writers prefer to use their own word processor for editing. The new reports make this possible, as the results of SmartEdit's checks can be output, then referenced later when editing in Word, Scrivener, or any other word processor. Full details of the report and printing options in the help section.

( Version 3.101 download )

Version 3.011 (Release date: August 8th, 2013)

  1. Minor release -- upgrading is not required, free to all licensed users
  2. Change to the SmartEdit word processor's default font from Times New Roman to Calibri 11pt. This brings SmartEdit into line with MS Word, and does not affect non-default font choices.

( Version 3.011 download )

Version 3.001 (Release date: August 1st, 2013)

  1. Major release version, free to all licensed users
  2. User Interface completely redesigned using more modern technologies
  3. Fully featured word processor
  4. Choice of simple view (PageFour, Scrivener) or document view (MS Word) in the word processor
  5. Ability to open and save Microsoft Word documents (doc and docx)
  6. Ability to open and save Open Office documents
  7. New check to identify redundancies in your writing
  8. Changes to the Proper Nouns List, Acronyms List, and Clichés list to make them easier to use
  9. All lists are now fully sortable on all columns
  10. New options to allow users to specify how the word processor handles smart quotes and em dashes
  11. Printing enabled from the new File menu
  12. Customizable ribbon menu and toolbar system added
  13. Free version updated in similar fashion, but excluding many features. Check out the free version help page for more details.

( Version 3.001 download )

Version 2.201 (Release date: May 25th, 2013)

  1. 10 day trial period was changed from 10 consecutive days to 10 days of use
  2. No changes made to the Free version.

Version 2.101 (Release date: March 28th, 2013)

  1. Redesign of the Misused Words and Phrases List to exclude common words and focus on more likely errors.
  2. Common words such as "their\there\they're" and "it's\its" have been moved to the customizable Monitored Words list for new users.
  3. Properties results are now clickable, leading you directly to the location of potential problems in your work (en dashes, mismatched quotes, etc.)
  4. The Sentence Start List is now sorted alphabetically rather than by number of occurrences.
  5. This is a minor upgrade, and as such is free to all registered users.
  6. No changes made to the Free version.